Occasionally Updated

Sock Heaven
The oldest Steve Taylor and Chagall Guevara fan site on the web.

Interactive Bits

The Purity Test
A puerile, adolescent toy, not suitable for those over 13 years of age.
Warning: Strong language and mature themes. Viewer discretion is advised.
Rock Band Karaoke List Maker
A tool to generate a "Karaoke List" PDF of your Rock Band song collection.

Fixed Collections

FidoNet HolySmoke Archive
Approximately 350,000 messages from the FidoNet HolySmoke religious debate echo, spanning 1993 to 2004, indexed, threaded, and searchable.
Memphis Amiga Group History
A collection of Memphis Amiga Group and Memphis Commodore Users Club newsletters and disk magazines spanning the late 80s to the early 90s.
Memphis Amiga CNet BBS History
A history and museum of artifacts from the era of Memphis CNet BBSes.